Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do you travel?

Remember that part about always calling shotgun? Heck yes I travel! Fill out the contact sheet for specific details about where we are going!

+ Rates?

Packages start at $2,000- get in touch for information that is more specific to your wedding day or what you need photographed!

+ Should we do a first look?

This is usually what I recommend! This is for several reasons including privacy and timing but mostly because I 10/10 recommend spending as much of your wedding day with the person you’re marrying as possible.

+ When will I get my photos back?

Currently my turn-around time for fully completed images, prints, and a gallery is 2-3 months.

+ Do you photograph traditional family photos?

Of course! These just aren’t always on my website as portfolio images.

+ Do you recommend device-free ceremonies?

Yes! This allows all guests to be truly present in your ceremony, really listening to the things you want to share. Also, it creates images that are of your guests’ faces and not just their ipads or cellphones!


More questions? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch today!